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I brought a couch, mattress an boxspring from the Express furniture warehouse on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn yesterday. (1/18/18) During the delivery I told them the goes mattresses goes downstairs.

Shortly afterwards one of the delivery people comes upstairs an told me they broke my wall. I called the company. They had already closed for the day. I called back the next morning an explained what happened.

I also sent an email an pictures showing the damage that was done. The delivery people straight up an lied an said I was there when it happened. First of all. I was upstairs.

My daughter an sister was there when it happened. Directing them where they go. Then one of the delivery persons came upstairs an told me my wall was broken. Yet, the boxspring remained on the stairs.

For a while. While they tried to convince me to pay an have someone break it an bring it though. But, they had never mention this before they had broken my wall. An why would I pay for that?

When they had already broken the wall. An I'm already paying a 120 dollar delivery fee.

Then they have the nerve to tell me that there nothing they can do. Cause I signed the papers for the delivery.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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