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Dont buy from!! I have been cheated and i AM NOT THE ONLY ONE ...

they delivery only part of the order (in my case, I bought some pieces of furniture (around 5000$), and one table and one cushion was missing, which means around 1500$ cheated!!) Of course there is no way to claim after payment, and after hundreds of mails and phone calls not replied, my first step is to advice everybody about this retailer. TAKE CARE !!. Looking in other webs, I have met people in similar situation: low prizes to catch clients, and uncompleted orders to make business .... and no way to claim after paying!.

We are looking how to claim again this company. Some help??

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I used to work in Xpress Funiture Warehouse. I am decided to go, because all of that comments...I didn't know they are like that ....I couldn't support the injustice .

I was seeing a lot custmers complaining and any results. ..that made me so sad .I like the true only the true becouse I wouldn't like nobody's do to me too. I'm very friendly and truly person and lied is not my strong personality.

Thanks God I'm not there no more , but I hope they changed for a good business. ..after that only I will say God Blessed.


Now I'm angry with this website. Having happily resolved all my issues with Express Furniture I have repeatedly asked this website to remove my earlier negative comments, for which I fully apologise to Express Furniture and I hope this website will now do as ask. I would advise other readers here to go ahead and order from Express Furniture- they are a good company that still has that extra factor - the human touch.


I would very strongly advise you never to have anything to do with this company, which seems to be run from someone's bedroom in Barrow in Furness. Don't be fooled by their politeness and apparent willingness to help. The chair I ordered took many months to arrive and when it did, it was defective and had to be sent back. The only replacement offered was not in the colour I had originally ordered but I was fed up and accepted a different colour. When this second replacement arrived, it was smashed and completely unusable so they offered to replace it a *third* time but by this point, months after placing my original order, I was completely fed up and was not getting the colour I originally wanted anyway, so I asked for a refund and they refused.

Don't be attracted by the apparently low prices. This is the worst firm I've ever had to deal with and this is only one of complaints about them that I am going to be posting all over the internet. I am also going to try and get my money back through Visa.

I had to give them one star because this review website doesn't allow you to give NO stars.


dont buy at, they never send our missing parts as promised ... i have to agree with michael, they made their positive comments by themselves!!!

anyway, i found the parts somewhere else, but i had to pay twice and months full of unnecessary anger ...

they will pay for this! somehow!

again ...




BE AWARE ... and if you check this post, all positive comments have been sent same days by express-furniture owner (Sam) ... DONT BUY THERE!!!


BE AWARE!!! ....

After 6 months I am still waiting for delivery and I only find excuses from this company ... I payed more than 3000$!!!

.... please help!


Wassily chair arrived today.It was very well packed and really worth the wait.Thank you for obtaining such a beautiful piece of furniture for us and for answering all e-mails so promptly.We are delighted.


Office Chair Order:

Thanks very much! The chair arrived safely this morning and we are delighted with it.




Just received my new rattan furniture. iam really happy with the outstanding quality and price i got this set for.

Some of my local garden centres were selling a similar, smaller set for over double the cost!

Very professional and delivered on time! Just Wonderful.


We bought an Eames-copy in the middle of november 09, and of course we paid it immediately + shipping costs ...

We told express furniture, that were having some restaurants in hungary and worldwide and that we want to put in each of them some fine duplicates of design classics ...

but due to some worse experiences in the past we ordered 1st only one of them ...

only to see how the service is!

Now, in march 2010 were still waiting for missing items! express furniture always told us, that the company who build the furniture has to be blamed and/or that the delivery towards budapest was difficult ... and so on!

You can make your own experience, but if that is the way this company treats bigger business-clients, what to expect if you're just a single consumer?

By the way, in stock does not mean exactly, that they have to have it in their warehouse ... at least our experience/impression!

Unfortuantely unprofessional!

But hope is the last to die!

a consumer


after searching for a company to supply me with 2 egg chairs and an eames lounge chair and ottoman i came across them on a google search. The prices looked good, but more importantly they could ship to the Netherlands.

I decided to give them a go and couldnt be happier. delivery was a day earlly and the quality is absolutly amazing.

very nice quality and nice to deal with when i phoned them. my friend has now ordered a chair from them also.


Purchased 2 rattan garden furniture sets from them. Fantastic to deal with and fantastic furniture.

Best price i could find and delivered in time stated. Very helpful and already have it set up in the garden!


Purchased 2 rattan garden furniture sets from them. Fantastic to deal with and fantastic furniture.

Best price i could find and delivered in time stated. Very helpful and already have it set up in the garden!


Same with me . .

. I ordered a chair and a stool and the stool never EVER came . . .

they never gave any explanation.

I spoke with Jemma who only ever said, "We're checking on it," for MONTHS and MONTHS. Sam, every time I reached him on his mobile only said, "I"m not in the office so I can't help you." Now they both just hang up on me.

I will warn you their shipping company is owned by Sam as well as the furniture company.


Following previous post, I rectify completely my position. After fair and open conversation, express-furniture explained me that all problems are allocated in tansport company, and order has been dispatched twice.

Despite of this, they confirmed me their a third cushion has been redispatch and they are investigating with transport company location of the table.

Even though previous problems, I appreciate their position and their will to solve the situation as a serious company.

Positive post to substitute my previous comments, and close the dispute with very positve impression from express furniture management. :)


after getting married last september I purchased a chair from Express Furniture approx. £1000 original delivery was 10th January and I am still awaiting it 10th august 10 months after purchase date.

numerous unanswered calls, emails, recorded, delivery letters I have been trying to get refunded now after the hassle it has caused.

I would never trust this organization again and it has put me off online shopping


Oh, I have similar experience. I am still waiting for my delivery after 10 months, with mails and phone calls to Sam and Jenna, and always same excuses.

I want my money back!. Dont buy from this web!!!

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